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An Electrifying Day in Paradise with the Dazzling Mister International

Mister International Thailand at Three Monkeys

Last weekend, the dashing and charismatic men of “Mister International Thailand” visited the infamous Hanuman World in Phuket. They traded in the bright lights of Bangkok for the tropical paradise of Phuket. Phuket is where the magic happens. And coming to Hanuman World was the bucket list for the guys to enjoy a fun-filled day in the sun. When the men visited Hanuman World, they were in awe of the cultural theme park. this theme park that brings happiness and civilization to vivid life. Hanuman World brings everyone happiness. This is the Disney World of Thailand.

As soon as the guys arrived. The international staff at the front desk greeted them with a warm welcome. All of the guys were beaming with smiles. All around the striking contestants posed for photos and received their guides as they started to get ready for their adventure on the zipline. Furthermore, it was the perfect start to what would be a memorable and enchanting day, for the guys as they take more adventure around the zipline park.

After the men received their guides and were dressed with their safety gear. They were escorted through the main entrance into Hanuman World’s sprawling grounds.  As they proceeded up the hike at first glance, the tremendous scale and architectural grandeur of the park. The men then started their way up the staircase to their first zipline platform to start their journey.

Mister International Thailand at Hanuman World

Mister International Thailand

As the men spent their morning touring some of Hanuman World’s most iconic attractions. they marveled at the sheer artistry of the monkey god face sculpture. An iconic gem for amazing photos when entering the park. As the men continued on their journey on the zipline, you could hear the screams of excitement from their voices. Of course, no visit would be complete without experiencing the skywalk bridge. A state-of-the-art adventure park uses its stunning wooden details to complete many rides in the park. Keeping it more ecological for all visitors and staff, to be able to enjoy the park in all of its glory.

After riding a few more of the park’s world-class attractions. The men then head down to the  Hanuman luge track to take on this new ride and all of its thrills. After the much need for thrills and feels at Hanuman World Phuket adventure park the guys then headed to Three Monkeys Restaurant and Baboon Cafe for some much-needed food and drinks and some delicious in-house cakes and coffee.

Mister International Thailand on skybridge at Hanuman World

International Fun at Hanuman World

As the afternoon wore on, the men found the time to wander the park’s pristine corridors, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere. As children frolicked through the park as well getting ready to enjoy their adventure. Eventually, the setting sun casts a warm orange glow across the majestic spires and towers. Moreover, the men went and enjoyed some lunch at Three Monkeys Restaurant. Giving them the best ending to an amazing fun day.

As the men prepared to depart, from the adventure park, with all of their memories. They all expressed sincere gratitude for having experienced Hanuman World Park. The men called the park a triumph of cultural appreciation and fun. Judging by their blissful expressions, the men of Mister International Thailand men will have little to no trouble recommending Hanuman World to all of their friends, fans, and family who choose to visit Phuket.

Mister International Thailand Hanuman Luge