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We are excited to invite passionate and dedicated individuals to become a part of our affiliate program. We want to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. Below we have outlined key criteria that potential affiliates should meet.

1. Target Audience: You should have a target audience that aligns with our customers. Ensuring that our product reaches the most relevant and interested individuals.

2. Online Presence: Have a strong online presence on social media, Youtube, or similar platforms are essential for the program. The ability to actively engage with your audience and maintain and keep  a following.

3. Quality Content: We value high quality content, so our affiliates must posesse the same content with their audience and their post. Your content should reflect our brand’s values and standards.

4. Affiliate Experience: Previous affiliate marketing experience is a plus. Indicating that you are familiar with effective strategies and best practices adhere.

5. Commitment and Ethical Marketing: Affiliates must adhere to ethical marketing practices, including transparent disclosures of affiliate links, is non-negotiable.

6. Product Relevance: The niche and expertise should directly align with our product, ensuring a natural and effective promotion from our affiliates.

7. Legal Compliance: Willingness to comply with all legal requirements. Including FTC guidelines for our affiliate partnerships, is mandatory.

8. Effective Communication and Reliability: We expect excellent communication skills and a commitment to fulfilling an agreement upon obligations promptly.

9. Performance and Standards:  We may set specific standards requirements for performance metrics, such as a minimum sales or clicks. These are essential for ongoing partnership and evaluation.

10. Genuine Product Enthusiasm: Must have a true passion for our product. As our product is highly desired as it lends authenticity and effectiveness to your promotional efforts.


APPLY NOW: If you are exciting about collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out our application form at the bottom of the page to  get started on this exciting journey together!


what is the Affiliate program?

Our affiliate program works by allowing you(the influencer) to promote and sell our programs or services in exchange for commission.

How do I join the Affliate program?

To sign up,you can click the link at the bottom of the page.

What are the commissions or incentives affiliates receive?

You will receive 20% commission for pay per sale/click(earning commission for each sale you make or each click linked from your page.

What marketing resources and support is available for affiliates?

We will email you back with a link & code to start your process.

How and when do affiliates get paid?

You will receive payouts at the end of every month,during payout schedules.

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