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Flying High In the Heart of Phuket

High Above The Sky

If you are traveling and looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure on your next trip to Phuket, then Hanuman World is the ultimate adventure that you want to check out on your trip. This incredible zipline park will have you soaring like a bird high above the tropical rainforest on some of the longest ziplines in the world. This adventure park is located in the lush green hills about an hour outside of Phuket Town. This park feels like you are stepping into another world the moment you arrive. From the friendly staff to the beautiful atmosphere and scenery of the park. This eco-friendly park encompasses 172 acres of unspoiled nature crisscrossed by ziplines, sky bridges, and trails winding through the jungle canopy.

High in The Sky

After checking in, and getting your wristband tickets, you will then wait in the lobby area for about 20-30mins for your guide to come and take you to the locker area. Once you arrive at the locker area, after putting your things away you will then begin to get outfitted with a zipline harness and other safety gear, you will take part in the safety information advice to get comfortable with the equipment and technique, also what not to do on the zipline adventure. The friendly and experienced guides do an excellent job of making sure everyone feels confident before taking on the bigger ziplines.

After your instructor explains the safety rules to you, you will then be on your way up the hiking path to your very first zipline adventure. Once it’s time for takeoff on the first of Hanuman World’s ziplines! You will be screaming at the top of your lungs full of joy. The longest zipline run stretches an incredible 800 meters (about half a mile) across a lush jungle valley. Where you will be able to get an awesome view of Phuket Town. As you launch off the platform, the ground quickly falls away and suddenly you’re flying like a bird high above the canopy.

High in the Sky with safety Guides

As you are zooming on the zipline the wind rushes by as you soar across at speeds up to 60 mph, screaming from platform to platform. This is an unbelievable thrill zip lining at such amazing heights, that you would want to do it again the next day. With 360-degree views of the stunning jungle landscape all around you, you will be able to enjoy many other adventures that are within the adventure park after you are done ziplining. Be sure to keep an eye out for butterflies tropical birds, and other wildlife going about their day as you zip overhead. In addition to the incredible ziplines, the adventure park has plenty of other exciting elements as well. You will traverse across narrow sky bridges suspended high in the treetops and scale cargo net obstacles between platforms.

High on the Bridge walk

No zipline experience would be complete without a chance to show off your Tarzan yell. As you family and friends laugh as you scream and yell at the top of your lungs while soaring like a bird. As you zip across one of the ruins of the epic jungle, you are encouraged to let out your best rendition and yell as loud as you can. Vistors traverse and soar through the jungle you will experience the best zipline adventure in Phuket.

This a fun bonding experience with your group or your friends and family and oddly liberating to let it all out into the trees. After each adventurous circuit through the park, you will get a well-deserved break at one of the lookout decks, or the relaxation of dining at Three Monkeys to cool it all down. You can catch your breath, snap some incredible photos of the views, and refuel with a snack and cool drink before gearing up for the next round of your adventures on the Roller, or Hanuman Luge.

High above the trees

With opening hours from 8 am to 6 pm daily(the last zipline is 5:30), it is easy to spend a whole day or even multiple days taking on all of the ziplines and exploring the many trails winding through Hanuman World. Being at this park will give you the ultimate vacation vibes all year round. The park provides an amazing opportunity to get off the beach and experience the untouched interior rainforests of Phuket. So if you want to add some high-flying thrills to your Thai beach vacation, do not miss the chance to soar like a modern-day monkey at this incredible rainforest zipline adventure in Phuket. It is an experience you and your family and friends will never forget!