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The Ultimate Cultural Phenomenon in Phuket

Cultural Jungle Experience

Treetop Traversing cultural experience at Hanuman World in Phuket, Thailand, is one of the best adventure parks you will enjoy on your vacation. This one-of-a-kind zipline obstacle course will have you soaring through the jungle canopy like the Hindu monkey god Hanuman himself. This park is located about 30 minutes to an hour’s drive from the tourist hotspots in Patong, and that is depending on how far away in the city you stay. Hanuman World is a massive eco-tourism park set amidst Phuket’s forests and lush greenery. It is the centerpiece of Phuket and the incredible Treetop Traversing circuit, composed of 6 different courses of varying difficulty levels that zigzag through the treetops.

Located in central Phuket near the Kathu Waterfall, Hanuman World encompasses over 45 acres of lush rainforest terrain. Letting our visitors grace the lush greenery terrain while enjoying their zipline course. The centerpiece is the signature Treetop Traversing circuit, composed of three different courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels. After getting suited up with a safety harness and gear, you will start by learning some basic techniques before you start your journey.

Cultural Fun at Hanuman

Adventure Fun

From there, the real fun begins on the green and road trails which reach up to 12 meters high, as you start your epic walk to your first platform. These entry-level circuits have wobbly bridges, ziplines, and other crossings that will test your agility and courage. It will send you on a realm of adventure giving you the adventure of a lifetime like a movie. The scenery alone is amazing as you maneuver between giant tree trunks festooned with vines and look down at the jungle floor below.

If you are looking for more of a challenge, you can try the longest platform which is Zipline course WA+. With its hairier high elements, longer zip lines, and vertigo-inducing heights up to 25 meters off the ground! You will enjoy every waking minute of the course with your friends and family while on vacation. Be prepared to tackle crazy zip lines narrow bridges, and abseils where you will take your time and your fears to a new height. Giving you an advantage to enjoy and enjoy the lush green jungle forest perserve.

Cultural Escape

No matter which trails you decide to attempt, having an experienced guide is a must to ensure your safety and provide guidance. The staff at Hanuman World are super friendly and will build up your confidence before sending you off on each new element. There’s no need to rush through everything in a single day either. Your admission provides unlimited re-entries so you can spend all day conquering the different courses at your own pace.

In between obstacle runs, you can take a break at Hanuman World’s landscaped picnic areas and restaurants serving healthy meals and refreshments. Explore some of the other eco-attractions on site like short nature hikes, tree planting activities, or the outdoor maze and rock climbing walls. It’s a beautiful setting surrounded by jungle streams, waterfalls, and all sorts of flora and fauna.

Lush Green Jungle Flying

Whether you are a total daredevil or just looking for a unique cultural outdoor experience, the Treetop Traversing at Hanuman World is not to be missed on a trip to Phuket. Come enjoy the ultimate zipline adventure park with your friends and family. From Zipline, Luge, Roller you will have a whirlwind of time when you step foot in this park. The park offers multiple levels of difficulty and challenges for everyone from young kids to fit adults, age 4+ not over 120kg can enjoy any of the rides at Hanuman World Phuket.  It is an awesome way to connect with nature, get an amazing workout, and create unforgettable thrills flying through the treetops. Just don’t look down!