Hanuman World, Restaurant, Wanon

Epic and Best Royal Thai Cuisine

Discover Royal Thai Cuisine at Wanon Restaurant

Tucked away from the bustling main streets, Hanuman World Wanon restuarant offers a dining experience highlighting the incredible diversity of royal Thai cuisine. The elegant open-air restaurant brings together exquisite dishes fit for everyones taste.

The menu spotlights culinary creations once part of the ritualized court cuisine of ancient Thai kingdoms. Marvel at the variety of colorful curries, artful starters and desserts. Don’t miss their clever take on spicy papaya salad served elegantly carved fruit bowls. And they offer cooking classes in an open kitchen(booking classes by emailing us at support@hanumanworldphuket.com)  so you can take some royal culinary secrets home with you!

Wanon Cusine

From start to finish, Hanuman World Wanon provides exceptional gourmet of classic Thai/Western  dishes alongside stellar service. Treat yourself to this refined gastronomic experience. A one-of-a-kind royal cuisine rooted in centuries of tradition adapted for modern palates. A mysterious treasure perfect for any special occasion or foodies enthralled by Thai history and culture. Indulging in the Thai/Western cuisine this is something your taste buds will thank you for. You can also brag to your friends that you had the best and most authentic Thai food in Phuket.