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Your Uplifting, Thrilling Guide to Ziplining

Your Thrilling Guide to Ziplining at Hanuman World Phuket

Looking to add an adventurous rush to your Phuket trip? Hanuman World is home to Asia’s highest zipline, letting you soar like a monkey god across lush tropical forest. This zipline guide will equip you to fully enjoy stunning views as you fly through treetop canopies at Hanuman World’s mountainside location.

Zipline Hanuman World Phuket
Zipline Hanuman World Phuket

Choosing Your Flight

Hanuman World has epic ziplines for all levels. “Monkey Business” is perfect for first-timers with nine lines across 650 meters. Thrill-seekers can opt for the challenging Gibbon route with 36 ziplines spanning 4.5 km! All feature knowledgeable guides to maximize fun.

Adventure Tour Phuket
Adventure Tour Phuket

Guide To Zip-lining

Getting There
Hanuman World is about a 1.5 hour drive from main tourist areas, so arrange private transport or taxi service. Alternatively, you can take a public bus, but confirm return travel details beforehand. Give yourself ample transit time when traveling to the rainforest site.

Booking Tips
During peak season, pre-book tickets online as far in advance as possible, as spots fill fast. Weight and height restrictions apply. Not suitable for under 8s or over 60s due to rigorous physical activity required. Confirm eligibility criteria before booking.

What to Wear and Bring
Wear comfortable athletic clothing, secured shoes with traction, cap/bandana to cover hair, sunglasses, and eco-friendly sunscreen. Facility provides helmets and harnesses. Consider action cameras like GoPro to document your airborne adventure! Leave other items behind.

Take the Leap!
After check-in and gear-up, you’ll receive a safety overview and zipline tutorial before starting your elevated jungle journey! Connect to the first platform, take a deep breath and off you go, zipping over lush rainforest. Let out exhilarated howls as you fly high like the mythical monkey king Hanuman himself! Enjoy majestic nature views as you crisscross the canopy on lines reaching heights over 200 meters for the ride of a lifetime.

Phuket Happiness
Phuket Happiness

Follow this handy Hanuman World zipline guide and prepare for a pulse-pounding airborne expedition above dazzling landscapes accessible only to visitors braving these gravity-defying thrills. Soar on an extreme Phuket adventure you’ll never forget!