Safety Policies

Hanuman World does best for the environment and we make our activity most secure to let everyone enjoy the wonderful experience without disturbing nature and having no worry on a trip. It is important to follow our procedures and policies as follows.


Enjoy your activity onboard keep your valuable belongings in a locker, the company will take no responsibility for any damage or loss if you carry items on board. Listen to your guides at all times. Ask guides for help or needs.


  • Do not litter during your play time.
  • Look-Not touch/keep your hands and body away
  • from plants and animals which may be harmful.
  • No smoking onboard.
  • Do not jump from the Platform.
  • Do not unclip the equipment by yourself while you are on board.


  • It is recommended that all guests wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and shoes that can be used outdoors. Hanuman world involves a light level of physical exertion.
  • Customer’s weight must not exceed 120 KG. We recommended only children over 4 Years of age participate