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Best Way of Facing Your Fear of Heights|

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Facing Your Fear of Heights Ziplining at Hanuman World Phuket

You want to take on Phuket’s epic jungle zip-lines soaring at staggering heights across valleys and rivers – but even glimpsing down from a step ladder makes you dizzy with vertigo, you should take zip-lining a little bit more slowly, and thats where Hanuman World comes in.We are here to help you get over those nasty fears of heights and help you enjoy this amazing adventure activity with your friends and for you to have an amazing vacation in Thailand. Have no fear! You can triumph over your fear of heights ad soon you’ll be on your way to zip-line like a pro at mountainside Hanuman World. These tips will help you harness courage on the aerial lines as you defy gravity above the trees and into the lush green beautiful jungle of Phuket.

Phuket Happiness
Phuket Happiness

Start Low & Short
Ease in with Hanuman World’s beginner course instead of intense 4.5 km 32 platform route. Short practice lines build confidence in gear and guides before graduating to 400m+ monster zip-lines with 200m+ vertical drops! The short zip-lines are perfect for beginners, it will help them ease into the heights and the speed of the zip-line, it will give you a boost of confidence going into your next zip-line.

Straight Ahead

Avoid looking straight down, which intensifies frightening sensations of extreme elevation. Focus forward to the next platform while taking long, steady breaths to keep your cool. Guides will provide plenty of mental distraction!

Trust Your Gear
You will have a review of the safety harnesses beforehand so you feel fully prepared before stepping off platforms. The professional guides will explain to you and give you a review of the harness and what to do and not to do, while on the zip-line,they will inform you on how to be safe when playing on the zip-line adventure.

Celebrate Success
Plan a rewarding post zip-line treat like a rejuvenating spa/pool session or festive night market dinner to motivate channeling courage during your airborne adventure. You’ll feel that much more daring knowing relaxation awaits!

Zip-line Hanuman World
Zip-line Hanuman World

Once you take the first leap off the platform, sensation quickly transforms into exhilaration as you gain confidence soaring over lush jungle. Let go of fear, breathe deep and adrenaline will take the wheel – before you know it, you’ll be effortlessly zip-lining at gravity-defying heights above the rainforest canopy!

Skywalk at Hanuman World
Skywalk at Hanuman World

After you finish zip-lining you can take a calm and relaxing walk on the Skywalk bridge. The skywalk bridge is a nice and relaxing sky high walkway fridge suitable for young children and adults who just enjoyed their zip-line journey through the lush forest. This bridge will give you the chance to breathe fresh air and look at the nature around you. and enjoy the cool breeze and serene beauty of the lush green jungle of Phuket and Hanuman World. Take photos,enjoy long talks and a nice stroll with your friends and family, and take in the journey of the high skywalk and enjoy the nature around you and indulge in the beauties and wonders of Thailand. After you face your fears of zip-lining then this bridge is perfect for you to enjoy. When you approach the end of the skybridge you will then descend down from the abseil to complete your final mission of the long walk. But do not forget to make sure you enjoy every aspect of this walk and take many photos for many memories to share with your friends and family.