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Miss Grand International Visits Majestic Hanuman World

Miss Grand International

Last week, the reigning Miss Grand International, women from all provinces in Thailand, embarked on an extraordinary journey to Hanuman World, one of the world’s most ambitious spiritual theme parks located just outside of the busy life of Patong,Phuket and in heart of the jungle of Phuket.

Hanuman World pays homage to the Hindu deity Hanuman, an important figure in the ancient Sanskrit epic Ramayana. The massive park spans over 100 acres and features towering statues, ornate temples, lush gardens, cultural exhibits, performance venues, and rides inspired by Hanuman’s legends and adventures.

Miss Grand Women on SkyWalk

Upon arrival, Miss Grand International Women were warmly greeted by park officials and given a traditional Indian welcome with a vibrant flower garland and the ceremonial application of a bindi on her forehead. She then received a private tour of the park’s main attractions.

The centerpiece is an awe-inspiring 180-foot statue of Hanuman depicted in the act of lifting an entire mountain to bring life-saving herbs to an ailing Lakshmana, one of Lord Rama’s brothers. Miss Grand International Women marveled at the statue’s immense size and intricate details carved by renowned sculptors from across Thailand.

Miss Grand Photo-op

They also visited the Hanuman Luge and Hanuman Skywalk and zip-line adventure, adorned with exquisite beautiful trees and insects all around . After offering the girls water to cool off for a little while, they then made their way to the infamous Hanuman Luge where they can drive downhill at their own speed.

Other highlights included the Lady Coco Ice Cream bar, Three Monkeys Restaurant, Wanon Restaurant, Skywalk  and Hanuman Luge all in one park adventure. This adventure park is the place to visit in Phuket if you want to have fun on vacation and meet some famous celebrities that are possibly in town the same week you are in town enjoying their vacation also.

Miss Grand Fun on Zipline

“Visiting Hanuman World was an enriching cultural experience that filled me with awe and enlightenment,” Miss Grand Women  remarked. “The park’s creators have done an incredible job bringing the revered tales of Hanuman to vivid life through art, architecture and technology on an epic scale. It’s a true celebration of India’s spiritual heritage.”

After their tour, the women attended a glamorous evening at Three Monkeys and Luge Hanuman Park as well that is connected to Hanuman World. The women have enjoyed themselves before competition and were greeted by all of the staff with the upmost respect and had fun on every inch of the park.

Miss Grand on their Adventure

“We were honored to host Miss Grand International and give the women a glimpse into the divine world of Hanuman,” said Hanuman World staff . “Their visit commemorates the sacred park’s immaculate staff and adventure and will hopefully inspire more global citizens to experience Phukets’ magnificent culture and traditions.”

The women’s  journey to Hanuman World was part of her worldwide travel responsibilities as Miss Grand International 2024, a role in which they serve as an ambassadors of peace, beauty and philanthropic goodwill. Their next stops will include many other local and tourist spots in Phuket that are very popular among international and guest celebrities that come into the country.

Miss Grand International Enjoying Skywalk