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Adventure and Thrills at the best Zipline Park

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Thrill-Seeking Adventure

Ready to embark on the ultimate Thrill zip-line park that Phuket has to offer. As you arrive at Hanuman World and you are ready to peer over a wooden platform edge as zip-line cables disappear into jungle canopies blanketing the steep valley below. Heart pumping, as you are clipped into safety rigging and on cue swooping and screaming over lush rainforest. Moments later, you’re rappelling the sky-bridges and dropping down from the abseil or walking relaxing on the Skywalk bridge. If this ignites feelings of momentum and accomplishment, a day of adventures at Hanuman World Phuket perfectly channels that daring spirit.

Just 30 minutes from famed Patong Beach, this family-friendly activity park serves up an all-you-can-play and all you eat buffet of cultural and nature-based challenges for first-timers. From our Sky-Walk bridge to our Luge cart track this park has all the activities one can endure. here you will test balance swaggering across rope bridges or summon courage tobogganing hairpin turns or the Roller Zip-line through the lush green jungle rainforest. Interactive experiences like all-terrain luge cart vehicle courses and our sky-walk will get hearts racing too.

Soar the Abseil
Soar the Abseil

Of course, the star attractions remain Hanuman World’s extensive zip-line routes letting riders soar like birds over thick Nypa groves and Takhian century old indigenous trees that are native to Phuket. Expert guides outfit you with a safety harnesses, helmet and pulley system before reviewing safety procedures in detail, in all languages. Next thing you know you are stepping off platforms for triumphant glides across valleys and tree features nearly 300 feet below that will have you grinning ear to ear.

Between thrills, educational trails which teach visitors about the surrounding rainforest’s ecology and importance for biodiversity. Identify exotic plants or watch for exotic butterflies and bees, demonstration incredible agility. This why Hanuman World has been voted the best and most ecological adventure park for 2-years in a row. This interactive environment education underscores Hanuman World’s eco-tourism mission where tickets support forest restoration protecting hornbills, sea eagles and other endangered species.

Thrill with friends
Thrill with friends

For the height and Thrill of adventure, upgrade to the venue’s adrenaline combo pass allowing first-timers access to over a dozen heart-thumping activities from Roller zip-line, sky-walk Bridge all the way to the new epic and iconic Luge cart driving track. which takes you on a downhill force through the lush green jungle. If you are sure to snap epic photos  and have amazing an epic adrenaline pumping videos to spread to your family and friends, then look no further than getting our adventure packages fit for beginners and advance adrenaline junkies alike. You will cultivate bragging rights conquering personal fears as guides that support you and your safety pushing you to new limits.

Soar Sky Bridges and beyond
Soar skyBridges and beyond

If an action-packed day under Phuket’s jungle canopy gives you visions of Indiana Jones meets Tarzan excitement, then book your tickets now to Hanuman World. Their unique brand of eco-education blended with courage-testing thrills lets visitors connect with rich natural habitats in heart-pounding fashion from soaring treetop zip-lines to extreme rappelling adventures. Just step off that first platform to let this island paradise ignite your daring side!