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Over the Horizon:Ziplining in the Best Tropical Forests

Adrenaline Fun

Horizon Zipline Adventures

Take in the horizon as you stand on the wooden platform fifty feet above the jungle floor peering into Phuket’s vibrant horizon and emerald canopy, feeling the adrenaline surge through your veins ready for take-off on your first glide through the air. Your zipline guide double-checks the clips and carabiners on your harness because safety is our number one priority.

Now you are “Ready to fly?” having the smiles on your face reassuringly them you are ready to take off, as our guide gives you a gentle push towards the first of five zip lines crisscrossing the section of tropical forest framed by towering cliffs and beautiful century-old trees. Take a deep breath and make the leap of faith off the wooden platform into the primeval greenery, rainforest of Phuket.

Streaming through misty valleys past tangled banyan branches and curtains of hanging vines, you are overcome by the soaring sense of freedom that arrives as the initial platform leaves your feet, and you glide in the air. Gliding through the cool breeze of fresh air, with the harness, and gravity accelerating you across the jungle corridor.

Each successive zip-line offers mesmerizing new perspectives of Phuket’s landscapes, from the broadleaf ferns and spiky rattan thickets to periodic glimpses of beautiful insects and birds within the rainforest. Once you start to approach the longest leg of the adventure seems to send you directly over the swaying canopy into an emerald beautiful world populated by rare birds and elusive creatures found nowhere else on earth.

Phuket Hanuman World fun
Phuket Hanuman World fun

Between adrenaline-filled zips, the guides share insider ecological knowledge about the exotic flora and fauna unique to Phuket’s jungles as we traverse bamboo suspension bridges and canopy skywalks. Let us not forget the ultimate skywalk bridge that is centered in the rainforest, where you can walk high above the rainforest floors, and enjoy the lush sunshine and cool breeze of air after your zip-line adventure tour.

High in the boughs of 200-year-old Yang Na trees, the guides will point out the beautiful orchids that bloom only once per decade, or the beautiful butterflies that flutter around you. Treetop dwellers can fly like the Monkey god himself, all while having fun and enjoying the beauty and eco-logical life around you.

Horizon Kids Fun
Horizon Kids Fun

Thrills & Screams

Furthermore, by the time you are hooked up for the last and final exhilarating ride back to the visitor center, you are filled with a sense of childlike wonder at all the natural beauty your eyes have glimpsed here. This will leave you wanting more of what we have to offer here at Hanuman World Phuket. Hearing the loud screeching Cicadas and butterflies in their natural beauty, the chatter of people in surround sound, along with the vivid chartreuse moss and dangling ferns.

It is a cloistered habitat completely inaccessible from the forest floor. Only by zip-lining miles into and beyond the horizon across the city life of this thriving ecosystem can adventurers fully appreciate the diversity sustaining this remote wonderland.

In addition, this is simply where you let your dreams and your fear of heights take their course. Here you are allowed to try your hand at every one of our activities. From zip-lining to the Sky-Walk bridge to our new ride the Luge. Happiness is here waiting for you as you enter the superior realm of Hanuman World Adventure Park.

Horizon Fun
Horizon Fun

Fun & Excitement

First-time visitors wary to try zipping for the first time will find Hanuman World’s experienced guides put safety first while making sure the focus stays on the fun. Their setup allows less daring explorers to choose shorter zip lines closer to base while adrenaline junkies can ride every last meter possible out to 1,200 feet long. Combining eco-adventure with education is truly a quintessential way for new eco-tourists to discover Phuket’s magnificent landscapes and exotic species by flying silently through the forest’s steamy shadows.

Just gaze skyward into the leafy green horizon to glimpse this hidden jungle universe waiting to be explored with Hanuman World. For example, I dare you to race me to the next tree! Our pristine rainforest is where all of your adventure dreams can come true, it is like Disneyland in the heart of Phuket, Thailand. There is no other place like it. Once you experience our zip-line park you will enjoy more of the park’s adventures.

Ending Vacation

You can enjoy our new Luge track which also gives you speed and adrenaline on a downhill horizon-based hill. We are waiting for you here in Hanuman World come and explore your options and take the excitement back home with you with epic photos and videos, that will last you a lifetime and that you can continue to look back at.

Here at Hanuman World Zipline Adventure Park. You can explore the best and most exciting moments of your vacation. So when planning your epic adventure vacation make sure you book tickets for the ultimate zipline park in Phuket, we are here waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to give us a call , email, or shoot us a message on WhatsApp or Line.